6 Ways to Attrct Single Biker Women

Are you believing that there will be one perfect single biker woman for you? If you have every confidence in that, then you need to consider how to attract and keep her. Finding a perfect biker woman who is ideal for you will make you feel happy and loved in your riding life. Here are some tips for you to keep in your mind if you want to find, attract and keep your biker girl.

1.Get Out of Your Comfortable Zone
Finding her is the priority. If you haven't met at least one woman in your life, then you must be extremely lazy, shy or arrogant. You can't meet her when you sit back, which will end with nothing. Don't be lazy. Just get involved in activities you are not willing to, like biker events, biker week, biker bar or biker dating website to meet more women. Don't be shy. Just free yourself and interact with women you are interested and be more active than her. Only when you get a basic knowledge about her, can you consider her as your perfect biker girl. Don't be arrogant. Just admit that you need her.

2.Don't Avoid a Woman you Don't Want Simply
If you meet a Harley woman you don't interested or a woman you feel bad about her, don't run away immediately. She will help you get clear about what you want. Spend time with her, find out what exactly why you don't like her. Will it be her words, actions, dress style or something else. Then you will fully understand what kind woman you will like in your life.

3.Think Of Loving Relationships
Have you ever envied a perfect relationship of other biker couples? Have you ever dreamed that you would have such a wonderful marriage? If you have, then keep this positive energy and you will probably hold a good relationship with your perfect biker lady.

4.Learn From The Negative Relationships You've Witnessed
There are perfect relationship in life and there are also bad ones. We all should learn something from a failure, including an unsuccessful marriage. When you witness a bad relationship in your life, just try to figure out what leads to the failure. Then keep in your mind and avoid the things which will destroy your relationship.

5.To Be Yourself
Don't trouble yourself by figuring out what type of man that woman want to have and pretending yourself to be that one. It's useless. If you want to attract a biker chick and want to keep a serious relationship, then you have to be yourself. Only be yourself, can you be clear that your biker babe is really like you.

6.Live a Great Life Even without a Woman
Try to make yourself free, happy and fun in your life, which will make it possible that woman will attracted by you. You can live a great life without a woman. A perfect woman can only make your life better. If you live a bad life, I'm afraid there will be no woman come into your life.

Some Safety Precautions that You Can Take Online

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You may have realized some of the potential warning signs, and how to present yourself in a good way, the next step to consider is how you can actively prevent yourself from becoming a victim. Once again, please keep in mind that the majority of biker or Harley singles that you meet on motorcycle dating sites are just like you, but there is still the occasional bad apple in the bunch. It doesn't matter if you are a motorcycle man or a biker woman, young or old- the potential for being targeted is always a possibility to be considered. Thankfully, there are concrete steps that you can take to make sure that potential problems don't turn into potential disasters.

First, if you get communication that you find offensive or inappropriate, immediately and politely reject the contact. If the persons opening volley makes you cringe, that is never a good sign, nor is it as sign of someone who is mature and willing to be in a good relationship. Remember, an ignorant email is not a cry for help, or an opening shot between two star-crossed lovers. It's not a sign of romantic angst, or an indication that no one understands this person. It is a sign of someone who is in desperate need of attention, and someone who isn't worth your time. The next step is the report the person's advertisement to the website security, detailing what was offensive, the time and date of the message, as well as the profile identity involved.

It is important not to argue, get into prolonged conversations, threaten, or try convincing the person of the error of their ways. First, it isn't your job, and second, elevating it in that manner will undoubtedly lead to a “he said, she said” type of situation. Nothing good can come of that. Instead, allow the website security personnel to perform their jobs. Simply make the report and block the user from ever contacting you again. That way you can spend your time concentrating on what really matters- finding someone to build a relationship with.

Unfortunately, in most cases the nefarious elements in an online community aren't so stupid as to fire all their guns on the opening attack. Many times they come across as being quite nice and sophisticated while you chatting online. Even if you feel like the person you are talking to online is the next Princess Di in your eyes, it is still a good idea to keep a good head on your shoulders. Once everyone feels comfortable enough to exchange contact information, it's a good idea to do a little investigating, just to make sure everything is on the up and up.

How to Attract the Biker Singles Matching Your Requirements

Attract other bikers to view your profile and contact you.
After you've created your profile on any biker or Harley dating sites, read it through, made some minor corrections, and uploaded a few great pictures of yourself riding motorcycle. You know how to present yourself in a positive light, and you're sure that potential predators won't be attracted to your profile. You've certainly started off on the right foot. But the question remains, what should you look for in the people that contact you for potential problems? Again, the use of your common sense in this situation is imperative. Essentially you want to look for people with the same riding style in a budding online relationship that you would consider in the real world.

It is important to pay attention to displays of anger, intense frustration, attempts to unduly influence your decisions, control you, or blatant disrespect. It's also important to keep an eye open for inconsistent information in what they say. It can be very difficult to keep up lies over time, and the majority of people will make mistakes after a while. While it is common for potential dates to beef up their exploits a little bit to make themselves sound more romantic or impressive, there is a big difference between saying that you won a local motorcycle rally when you came in third, and telling your potential date that you are a paramedic when you are in fact a garbage man.

Another sign that someone may be less than what they advertise is how they chose to communicate with you throughout the relationship. In the beginning it is perfectly acceptable, and preferable to communicate through instant messaging, email or through the websites internal forums. However, once an easy going online intimacy is established, it shouldn't be a problem to pick up the phone and actually talk every once in a while. Also, make sure you pay attention to the answers that they provide to your questions. If they consistently try to evade your questions, or give you complicated answers to a simple yes or no question, there may be a cause for concern. Often people who have something to hide or less than legitimate plans will try to confuse the situation or speak in complicated terms to get you off your game.

Another warning sign to consider is if there is a significant difference between what the person presents online, and what you find when you meet them in person. While small differences here or there are somewhat acceptable, your potential date should be honest about whom they are- just like you were. Anything less is a sign of either them being uncomfortable with who they are, or that they don't want you to know who they are. Either case should be unacceptable.

Do not Give More Information Than Necessary Before You're Ready

Present yourself as who you really are – someone who is independent, resourceful, fun, responsible and intelligent. Focus on your likes and dislikes, the activities that you enjoy, and other things that allow someone to know a thing or two about your personality, and not your life. Also, it's never a good idea to include financial information. If you're comfortably well off, it's not necessary to state how much money you made last year- that will only attract those searching for a meal ticket. Instead, if you feel the need to bring up that type of information – and at this stage there is no reason why you should- say something to the effect that you are comfortable financially. On the other side of things, don't advertise if you have a few struggles in the financial markets.  Sophisticated con artists have been known to troll dating sites in search of friends to invest in various “get rich quick” schemes that will leave you more penniless than before.

When considering your safety online, it's also important to consider which biker dating website that you use. Not every website is created equally, and quite a few have less than stellar online safety protocols. It's important to take a long and hard look at the various websites you choose to use. Look at their terms of service documents. What types of consequences are listed if the rules are disobeyed? Will your account information be deleted if you decide to remove your profile from the site? Does the site have a good reputation with third parties such as the Better Business Bureau or the Online Dating Magazine? Do you or your friends know of any “problems” with the website? These are all questions that you should ask well before you start building your profile for the website. Knowing this information will help you determine if the website is a safe place for you to look for a companion.

In a very real sense, safety on an online dating website can be summarized in three basic ideas:
1.Trust Your Instincts
2.Don't Give More Information Than Necessary Before You're Ready
3.Keep an Eye Open for the Warning Signs

If you can keep these ideas in mind, you'll be able to avoid much of the heartache and potential danger that exists on the World Wide Web today. The trick is, of course to keep these three ideas in mind, and still seek out a friend or companion without seeming too paranoid.

Do not Write Your Personal Information in Profile

Do not add personal information on profile or photo
Creating a good biker dating profile is imperative, no matter what biker dating site or general dating site you happen to use. While it is important to provide enough detail to make it easier for the reader to understand who you are, and what you desire, it is also very important not to provide private information. Details such as your real name, your address, your phone number, your place of work should be kept out of your profile. Basically, you want to make sure that your potential companion only knows what you want them to know through the profile.

First, never, ever include such things as your real email, address, personal web site, home address, phone number, and place of work or any other identifying information on your profile. If you decide to communicate by email, it's best to use an anonymous email server, and to make sure that your signature line doesn't have any identifying information. In addition, some online motorcycle dating websites will have an internal messaging system that you can use to avoid providing your personal email address or phone number before you are ready to do so.

It's very important to remember that the whole idea of using an online dating site is something that should be done at your own pace. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking your time to get to know someone through the sites internal messaging system. If you feel that things are going too fast, or that your emotions are getting the upper hand of your senses, don't be afraid to back away. It's much better to send a friendly note saying that you need some time than to get yourself into an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation. Remember to trust your instincts. If a situation seems too good to be true, chances are there is a reason for you to be worried.

It has been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and in reality, nothing could be truer in an online dating community. If you don't want to be targeted by undesirable people, it's best not to present yourself as a target. You're on the site to look for companionship, friendship, and possibly more, not a potential stalker. Therefore, beyond keeping your personal information off the website, it's also important not to present yourself as a potential victim. This is where the idea of not sounding desperate discussed in the previous chapter comes into play. Many times online predators will search the internet for advertisements that seem to sound like someone who is vulnerable, inexperienced or too lonely. They search out these individuals because they feel that they are easy prey.

Bikers are a Special Breed Apart Looking for Specially Biker Match

Biker men prefer  to date a girl love to riding as a passenger
Bikers are born to ride as a special breed apart. Whether you ride with a classic like a Harley, or would rather enjoy a Kawasaki motorcycle, there is simply something about being on a bike that makes nearly everything a bit more sensible. There is room for individuality, a demand for integrity, and yes, even responsibility. There is a pride of being responsible for your own destiny, for making things right, and really only answering to yourself and for yourself.

Near the end of winter, veteran riders coming back to the home front sought out and found a way to keep the camaraderie and excitement that they had experienced in battle through riding and motorcycles. Harley riders got together drawn to each other and bonded through a sense of belonging and the love of the roar of their engines. Eventually these loose groups formed clubs, and in a very real sense a new social institution, or that of the motorcycle club. Soon, even the silver screen was getting into the act, producing movies like "The Wild One" that portrayed the classic outlaw persona of the biker.

As a biker, you are allowed to grow and mature as a person and as a member of society, there are also a number of health reasons why a solid relationship is important. Being in a relationship that is good for you can greatly reduce the amounts of stress you experience, which can lead to such things as lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and an increase in cardiovascular health.  Also, friendships and good relationships can also encourage a greater amount of exercise, leading to better muscle tone,  a more manageable weight, and of course a myriad of physical health benefits.

Indeed, some studies have indicated that solid biker relationship built on common riding interests and mutual respect can also help a person strengthen their immune system to fight off infections, including everything from the common cold through more serious diseases like tuberculosis. There are even some medical studies that indicate that people in strong and stable relationships have the potential to reduce their chance of developing diseases such as cancer or heart disease.

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Motorcycle Love Affair Spanning the Years

Motorcycle love affair between a veteran biker man and a sexy biker girl
The affair with the motorcycle began well before the modern bikes of today. In fact, depending on who you ask, the first motorcycle ever invented was built way back in 1867 by an American named Sylvester Howard Roper. It was a steam powered, two cylinders, two wheeled bike that ran with the help of coal. It was truly a marvel for its time, although few people would consider it as revolutionary as its predecessors to come. It wasn’t until nearly eighteen years later in 1885 that the first gas engine motorcycle by Gottlieb Daimler was tested for the first time. It was a wooden bicycle that had a gasoline engine attached to it. Not exactly the safest contraption ever built, but one that sparked the imagination and drive of everyone around it. Ever since then, riders and manufacturers alike have been riding, and improving the ride.

Of course, no treatment of the love affair between humans and the motorcycle can be complete without taking into consideration the Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Considered by many to be the premier motorcycle manufacturer in the world, this company got its start in 1903 under the guidance of William Harley and his friends of Arthur and Walter Davidson. The strange thing was that even though the engine was sound enough to prove itself on the racetrack, the original intent was to manufacture them for transportation vehicles.

However, like all love affairs worth its weight, there have been some hard times between the motorcycle and the riding public. Between the years of 1979 and 1987, sales did significantly decline for motorcycle manufacturers. Perhaps it was a combination of higher gas prices, or the people that grew up with the allure of motorcycles began to settle down and follow the standard formula of raising a family, having a white picket fence, and the all-important and roomy family mini-van. This relatively small time apart could have been caused by any number of reasons, but it didn’t last that long. Those manufacturers who survived the lean times became hungrier, more efficient, and more able to attract both the baby boomers and the younger generation back to the thrill of owning and riding a motorcycle.

In very real sense, the love affair that exists today between the motorcycle and its rider has never been stronger. It has survived wars, fuel shortages, the onslaught of middle age, the disrespect of authority, and various other forms of endangerment and disrespect that bikers encounter every day on the road. The classics and standards still stand on their own, while the next generation of motorcycles are always bucking and chomping at the bit to get out in the front and offer a more thrilling ride.

While no one can predict the future, there is absolutely no reason to believe that the love affaire between two biker singles will ever really diminish. Manufacturers are constantly creating revamping, and reimagining those classics that came before, or creating new and exciting rides just waiting to be tested. And that doesn’t even include all the inventions and insights that are found in the back corners of local motorcycle mechanic shops, or in the garages of motorcycle maniacs throughout the world.