How to Have a Perfect Motorcycle Riding Dating as a Passenger

You are dating a biker man who is really cool and handsome. And your biker boyfriend wants a riding dating with you. Then you need to think. The first question you need to ask yourself is that do you really trust this biker guy. Trust goes first when things related to your life, especially riding as a passenger on the back of a motorcycle. If you are sure of it, then go do it. But if you doubt it , just say no and let time find that trust for you. However, you can ask your biker man a few questions to remove your worries. Questions like: How long have you been riding? How long have you been riding this bike? Have you ever ridden with a passenger before?

It is fantastic to have a motorcycle dating with your dear biker man, which will show you another way to get closer connection with the one you care about. Apart from motorcycle rider’s experiences and abilities, biker babes need to develop their own.

1. Proper gear is the second important factor to a pleasant riding dating for both bikers and passengers. A full-face helmet is a must to protect both motorcycle rider and biker girls from injuries. Try your best to fasten the chin strap snugly to avoid falling down. Over-the-ankle boots are also wore to protect the skin. Leather gloves should match the size of you biker women and fasten tightly around the wrists.

2. Biker ladies should know that although denim is popular, it cannot protect you. It is comfortable to wear denim, but when it is not the best material for bikers to wear when riding on the road. Leather is always the first choice, followed by heavy-weave Cordura nylon.

3. Before the riding dating, biker girls and biker men need to make yourselves clear about what you expect from each other and the motorcycle riding dating, how long can you ride on the motorcycle, what types of roads you two both like and so on.

4. Biker babes who never ride as a passenger need to ask the motorcycle rider men to instruct you how and when to mount the bike, where you can place your feet and how to hold on. And creating the signs of communication during the riding, which will make it easy for both bikers and passenger to talk.

5. To be relaxed is the key for biker girls to have a pleasant riding dating with their dream biker men. Remember to be physically in tune with the rider and the bike. When in turns, biker passengers need to keep the body fluid and move with the bike. Abrupt moves will cause problems in handling the bike for motorcycle rider.

6. As the biker girl of the motorcycle riders, you are always free to tell your biker men how you are feeling on the bike. It’s good for both of you. Let the rider know you are uncomfortable and make adjustments. He also wants the best for his biker babe.

Advices for First Night Date of Biker couples

Biker couples dating in the night after a riding travel.
As modern biker girls, they must have heard there are “dating rules” since they are younger. By the time they reach their mid-twenties, they have heard all the details of the rules. Many single biker girls think that these rules won’t apply for their generation. But there will be at least one rule that is constantly used, a real date with a guy who loves riding motorcycles.

Even if you love watching movies, don’t simply agree to be in the theater with a new guy for your first dating. He may be just a strange biker guy you meet in a biker dating site, and you both feel good on the site, which doesn’t mean he is the real biker man in your life. What if you really don’t know about his personalities, what if you don’t like this single biker guy or what if he is pretending to be a biker? Biker girls need to know that it is easy to say no in public places, not in a private place. A date night in a private place will lead to a lot of pressure and awkwardness to both biker men and biker women. So, here are 3 reasons why bikers should have a dinner date out.

1. The whole process of dinner requires talks. When biker guys parking the motorcycle outside of a restaurant, there will possibly be a man come to you and tell them where to park. And when you get to the table, you need to place an order, hear about the specials and etc. The whole process with people come and interrupt creates less pressure and give you chance to communicate. On the other hand, having someone around you will make you feel safe with a strange single biker guy.

2. There is an official end to your date. A meal always has a end, so your date has one too. If you are really not into this biker man, then you have every reason to end this night date, even if he offers to go to a second dating location. Don't feel awkward. It is best for both to refuse further dating with a Harley rider you are not interested in.

3. You don’t have to kiss him if you don’t want to. After saying goodbye, biker girls don’t have to kiss the biker guy they have zero interest in. And they shouldn’t feel awkward to refuse to be kissed by him. Because you are in public! Biker girls can just ride their motorcycles and leave without any clue to the biker date.

Riding Motorcycle help Discover your Better Part

A group of women motorcycle riders has been created by the burst of the motorcycle scene in recent years. They are independent, strong and adventurous female bikers that are unified together by this two-wheels machine. Every single Harley girl has her own reasons to start riding. And their beginning of the motorcycle journey must be memorable and exciting.

As for me, I love the motorcycle scene because I fall in love with the positive, warm and inspiring vibe of the women who love riding motorcycles. I think they are a different group of women who share similar life morals, similar needs for adventure and similar understanding of how to appreciate the world from the motorcycles. After I learned how to ride on the big motorcycles, I found out that riding gives me time to focus on the present, freedom to enjoy my short life and a unique perspective to see this beautiful world we live. I just feel like I am a different person now.

And riding with other women bikers is something rewarded and worthwhile. Because in modern life, it is a little bit hard to get together and have fun with strange women. But motorcycling is just a magic thing that can bond any female Harley riders together. I have a best riding partner and we usually ride out with other biker women and men for days. We get to know each other and appreciate the views on the road together, which makes life more easier.

Nowadays, finding motorcycle clubs and motorcycle dating APP are easier on social media and biker dating sites. It is lucky for me that I have met some incredibly excellent women riders on the internet. And I think it is a great way to meet more biker friends via online social media and online dating sites for motorcycle riders, which is convenient and time-saving. Of course, as girls, it is always necessary to be careful on the internet.

I enjoy every ride and every ride brings me new thoughts and feelings. I still remember the first ride with my boyfriend after I passed my test. We rode on the country roads near our home, and that was when I felt that I finally could ride by my own. It was just unbelievable that I made it. After that, I have experienced lots of rides. But no one has given me such a strong feeling of achievement as it did.

Every time when you take your helmet off and let your hairs fall down, people will look at you and be surprised to find out that you are actually a woman biker. They will admire your bike and admire that you are riding on a motorcycle.

Find a Women Riding Community and Have More Fun

In fact, I’ve always been a girly girl since I was little. I liked playing with dolls, I liked beautiful dress and I liked to make up, just like most girls. But on the other hand, my favorite toy was a large battery operated police car with engine which could make revving sounds, which was a sign of my inherent manhood. My uncle Ralph, was the only person in my life that unlocked the desire for freedom when he took me as his pillion on his motorcycle. I was 16 years old and I first felt the speed and the wind in my face, which is amazing.

When I told my parents that I wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle, they were against me as expected. But that wouldn’t be a problem for me. I got a job in the motorcycle department of an insurance company. Then my boss offered to pay all the cost of getting motorcycle licenses, I took the chance without hesitation. Soon, I got my first bike - Kawasaki ZZR250.

Since then, I always ride for an hour or two around my house after I get home from work. That is the best time of a day. Back then, it was unusual for a girl of my age to ride motorcycles. Considering the fact that I didn’t have any girl biker friend to ride with, so I started to ride with some local biker men. But they were riding too fast and I would be alone in the end. It is just pleasant for me to see more and more women getting to ride on the open road.

I have ridden many different bikes and I have many riding experiences. I enjoy the riding because the roads and views along the way will always make me feel surprised. I have ridden my motorcycles in many cities of America and France. Those experiences will always be the most memorable rides in my life.

Now, I often ride with my biker friends on weekends. Of course, I also ride with motorcycle partners who are in my local Harley motorcycle community. In my opinion, Harley motorcycle community is a great place which can make all bikers feel a sense of camaraderie and unity. Every biker girl or motorcycle man in the community knows how to compete with others without losing friendships. And there are also women biker communities, which are the bliss for female motorcycle riders. I am very proud to be part of some of them. It is the most  part for me to meet some of the amazing biker babes and listen to their stories and riding experiences on the open road.

5 Biker Dating Tips for Motorcycle Riders

Invite a biker girl to ride out for your biker date.
You are a biker and you would like to meet someone on a biker dating website. That's a good move. And it is for sure you can find your biker love you have dreamed for a long time. But be careful not to go to the wrong path that will destroy your biker online dating experience. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind that will show you the bright road of online dating.

1. Choose a reputable and reliable biker dating website
Before signing up for a dating website for bikers, you may want to check if this site is a formal and reputable one that can help you find the right match. The most quick way to find a wonderful biker dating site is to look for the sites that provide objective dating site reviews. There are the reviews composed by online dating experts and the real users. Other aspect you should pay attention to is the member privacy. A double-blind system can better protect the customers’ privacy. And other features you can expect are an advanced search option, instant messaging, email and easy navigation.

2. Keep personal information to yourself
Any information that could expose who you really are should be kept private, such as where you work, your home address, home phone number, real name, the motorcycle you are riding, the bike club you are in and so on. Moreover, do not mention your biker friends’ names, families’ names and workmates’ names either. You do not want to come across a stranger who knows you unexpectedly. Use a nickname on biker dating websites. Remember to keep your personal information confidential until you meet the right biker that you want to build a relationship with.

3.Use your Phone
The cell phone number needs be talked separately. If you really need to talk to someone on the phone, then use a disposable number. This way will give you a chance to run away once you find this biker you are dating is not your perfect match. Then there will be no trace for him or her to find you.

4. Listen to Your Gut
It is important for you to pay attention and listen to you gut. You got to know that a biker’s gut is trustful. If you don’t feel good about your date’s words and actions, then you should quickly find a way out. And you shouldn’t stand either if your biker date is totally different from what he or she is on the site. Just listen to your gut.

5. Meet your biker date in a public place
Arrange your first time meeting in a public place. Your biker date is just someone you meet on the website and you know nothing about this motorcycle rider. It is always safe and relaxing to arrange your dating in a public restaurant or a motorcycle bar. Never meet at home. This is the most stupid thing.

What if You Fall in Love with a Biker Man or Girl?

Try to love his biker lifestyle
if you happen to date with a biker guy. 
Although men and women motorcycle riders are regarded as a group of dangerous, reckless and unreliable people, the truth is they are adventurous, confident, independent, enthusiastic and friendly. Both motorcycle women and men seem cool and lead a free life. If you happen to date with a Harley man or girl, then you need to try hard to make them fall in love with you. In fact, both male and female motorcycle riders are not casual as other people think. On the contrary, they are more careful than anyone else when it comes to love. Once finding their true love, motorcycle men will dedicate to the girls as they do to their Harley bikes. So let's follow the advice here to show your charm to bikers and catch their fancy.

1. Learn and accept biker lifestyle
To be the girlfriend of a biker guy, the first thing you need to know is the biker lifestyle. Loving motorcycle riding or at least loving to ride as a passenger is your first lesson, because the motorcycle is the most precious thing to bikers. You love him, then you should love what he values the most. Besides, long days of travel and short rides with your biker boyfriend will be normal things for you. You need to be used to enjoy the riding on the back of his back, not to endure it. Or you'd better not to date with a biker. Meanwhile, Try to get more knowledge about different types and brands of motorcycles, and be able to chat about bikes culture. This way will help you find more common ground with motorcyclists.

2. Make biker friends
To make more biker friends and get to know them. It will show your target that you are special and show him you are interested in this circle. Motorcycle riders always want to find someone who understands them and share the same interest with them. Therefore they will save the strength to explain things to his girlfriends. If you are not a biker, then make friends with bikers as more as possible and know more about biker lifestyle.

3. Be yourself
This one is important. If you are not yourself, then who does he fall in love with? You need to act and do things in your way. Learning the biker lifestyle and making biker friends do not mean you have to give up yourself. You need to ask yourself if you are really interested in this kind of life and if you truly love this biker guy. If you do, then you can go to chase this guy and get your own happiness.

The tips above are for you to follow if you intend to attract a biker man and to build a long-lasting relationship with him. You should show him your interest in his lifestyle and make many biker friends who can teach you how to lead a biker life. Then there is a good chance that you will get what you want. If you want to date a biker but haven't met one, then the biker dating review site like will help you find the right biker dating website for you to meet your ideal biker.

6 Ways to Attrct Single Biker Women

Are you believing that there will be one perfect single biker woman for you? If you have every confidence in that, then you need to consider how to attract and keep her. Finding a perfect biker woman who is ideal for you will make you feel happy and loved in your riding life. Here are some tips for you to keep in your mind if you want to find, attract and keep your biker girl.

1.Get Out of Your Comfortable Zone
Finding her is the priority. If you haven't met at least one woman in your life, then you must be extremely lazy, shy or arrogant. You can't meet her when you sit back, which will end with nothing. Don't be lazy. Just get involved in activities you are not willing to, like biker events, biker week, biker bar or biker dating website to meet more women. Don't be shy. Just free yourself and interact with women you are interested and be more active than her. Only when you get a basic knowledge about her, can you consider her as your perfect biker girl. Don't be arrogant. Just admit that you need her.

2.Don't Avoid a Woman you Don't Want Simply
If you meet a Harley woman you don't interested or a woman you feel bad about her, don't run away immediately. She will help you get clear about what you want. Spend time with her, find out what exactly why you don't like her. Will it be her words, actions, dress style or something else. Then you will fully understand what kind woman you will like in your life.

3.Think Of Loving Relationships
Have you ever envied a perfect relationship of other biker couples? Have you ever dreamed that you would have such a wonderful marriage? If you have, then keep this positive energy and you will probably hold a good relationship with your perfect biker lady.

4.Learn From The Negative Relationships You've Witnessed
There are perfect relationship in life and there are also bad ones. We all should learn something from a failure, including an unsuccessful marriage. When you witness a bad relationship in your life, just try to figure out what leads to the failure. Then keep in your mind and avoid the things which will destroy your relationship.

5.To Be Yourself
Don't trouble yourself by figuring out what type of man that woman want to have and pretending yourself to be that one. It's useless. If you want to attract a biker chick and want to keep a serious relationship, then you have to be yourself. Only be yourself, can you be clear that your biker babe is really like you.

6.Live a Great Life Even without a Woman
Try to make yourself free, happy and fun in your life, which will make it possible that woman will attracted by you. You can live a great life without a woman. A perfect woman can only make your life better. If you live a bad life, I'm afraid there will be no woman come into your life.